a boy and a girl are writing on the board
‘Foom Fuk Fun Fest’ The Greatest Career counseling festival in Thailand!

On October 27-28, has caused some great and important event for high school students in Thailand, it is...‘Foom Fuk Fun Fest 2018, the career counseling festival. Opportunity for Thai children…

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illustration, a woman
New York Style: Ping Piamrak Hattakitkosol Thai Artist In New York

When Cheewid wants to bring the story of Thai society through cartoon drawings. It is the beginning of the collaboration with 'K. Ping (Piamrak Hattakitkosol) or Ping Hattha', a Thai…

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Thailand ranked 2nd most bullying in the school of the world!

From the case of a special child bullied in the school. The Ministry of Public Health has released information that Thailand is ranked 2nd school bullying of the world, with…

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Why we need the zoo? The cage reflects the image of detention?

'เที่ยวเขาดินช่างสุขจริง เที่ยวดูลิงวิ่งไล่กัน ดูไปช่างน่าขบขัน บางตัวหางสั้นบางตัวหางยาว…' (Going to Dusit zoo is so happy, see the monkeys chase each other. It's very amusing, some have a short tail, another has a long tail.)This…

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a man is writing and teaching three women
The freelance social worker with a ticket to shelter on the northern Thai border

We would like to give a ticket for you to get to touch the Shelter on the Northern Thai border.Here, there are social problems but many people do not reach…

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