Cetacean Protection Program is a project for preventing illegal smuggling including promoting knowledge and providing an impressive experience for those interested in whale and dolphins in the Gulf of Thailand with a method that is friendly to animals and sustainable marine resources.

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The Gulf of Thailand has long been the home of Bryde’s whales and dolphins. However, people flock to zoos and aquariums to see the majestic creature, rather than observing them in their natural habitat. Buying tickets to see these incredible creatures in a tank and keeping those businesses alive is sustaining an inhumane culture. Whilst zoos can be very good at educating people and allowing people to see exotic animals, the shows for entertainment are not good for the animal’s welfare. Imagine living in a tank that is microscopic in comparison to your natural home; it simply isn’t fair! These creatures belong in the wide-open ocean where they can roam free and live without disturbance. It is also a more enriching experience for the whale watcher to see these incredible creatures out at sea.

Furthermore, in Thailand the lax legislation and regulation surrounding whale watching have led to many tour companies chasing down the whales, causing them distress and harm. But there is no animal protection law in the exploit that maintains natural resources sustainably. As well as inappropriate whale watching practices, tours can often run throughout mating and birthing season, this can detrimentally affect the whale population in the Gulf. However, this is not because they wish to hurt the Whales but because quite often there is a lack of education surrounding the best way to watch the whales, to not disturb them.

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Love Wildlife Foundation


Love Wildlife Foundation takes a multi-faceted approach to the protection of Whales and Dolphins within Thailand.

  • Captive-cetacean monitoring program- Love wildlife is committed to carrying out a yearly survey of the dolphinariums in Thailand. This allows us to keep an ID record of each individual Cetacean and monitor their movements. Consequently, we have managed to stop two illegal captures and three legal imports of dolphins from Taiji, Japan. Not only have we protected these dolphins from trafficking, but we have also prevented an import request of wild-caught beluga whales from Russia. Working alongside the Department of Fisheries we can report on any suspicious activities and thus clamp down on illegal activities.
  • Educational whale-watching program (ChomWhales)- Through our ChomWhales program, we teach tourists to be respectful to both the animals and the places that humans visit. We run a sustainable eco-tourism trip that encourages guests to see the whales and dolphins of the Gulf in their natural habitat. We teach tourists not to hunt and chase the whales, but instead to sail alongside the whales and observe their hosts in a sustainable and friendly way. Meanwhile, we research and study foreign law and regulation in whale watching for build up Thailand law and regulation ahead.
  • Boat operators certification program- We train local boat operators in the protection of the Bryde’s Whale population and those sharing the same habitat. By doing so we hope that they will be warier of unsustainable practices surrounding fishing and tourism in the Gulf of Thailand and thus create a better environment for the wildlife and ecosystems in the area.
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    We aim to build awareness of people about a lovely way to live with these incredible animals. This is a two-way interaction, we are studying them, and they are studying us. However, we must be done in a responsible way and remind people of the equality that should lie within the practices of tourism and interaction with these whales and dolphins.

    We aim to change the behavior and views of both tourists and locals. Encouraging them to adjust their practices to allow the whales and dolphins to flourish in their natural habitat. Through this we hope to increase the healthy cetacean population in the Gulf of Thailand to allow for a balanced ecosystem to thrive. We hope that through our various programs we will ensure a brighter and healthier future for the wildlife and quality of the Gulf of Thailand and beyond. By preserving the health and integrity of these beautiful creatures, we will simultaneously ensure stronger and sustainable livelihoods in the fishing and tourism industries. In addition, we believe that the good behaviors about cetacean conservation will be expanded to other conservation as the bird and wildlife conservation.

    (2018) Over 100 Whales Sighted

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    8 Jakapon (Noom) Ananathikom Volunteer N/A N/A
    9 Salinee (Beau) Thamthavornvanich Volunteer N/A N/A
    10 Jitsini (Joice) Ratsamheekwan Volunteer N/A N/A
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    12 Sirimada (Kartair) Nualsakul Volunteer N/A N/A

    Since early 2000, Nancy has engaged in various works with the animal care sector as a Vetirinary Technician in the US, Wildlife Educator with the Wildlife Learning Center (California), and Volunteer Educator at Thailand’s Zoological Parks Organization. Besides the day to day activities of Love Wildlife Foundation, Nancy presently serves as the International Group Director at ACRES Lao P.D.R

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    The experience of our team is still small if compared with international that they seriously researched for decades. We are just starting to dance but we have full of the commitment.

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