Coral Reef Conservation

Love Wildlife Foundation hopes to conserve and preserve coral reefs ecosystem that has been affected by mass tourism at Koh Sak, Pattaya Bay, Gulf of Thailand.

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Coral reefs are the most biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth, but mass Tourism in the Gulf of Thailand has led to destruction of coral reef ecosystems in the area. Coral reefs are seeing an unprecedented rise in the frequency and extent of mass coral bleaching and mortality. The bleaching events can have devastating effects on the entire reef ecosystem. Bleaching events are most prolific in areas of mass tourism and fishing and as tourists stream into Pattaya, the Coral Reef at Koh Sak, Pattaya is severely affected. With heavy boat traffic and poor tourist management near the island, the ecological integrity of the reef is weak, which is even more worrying in a time of global climate change.


When addressing the challenges causing the degradation of the Coral Reefs in Pattaya Bay it is important for us to consider the variety of solutions. First and foremost, Love Wildlife Foundation must collaborate with local stakeholders to ensure sustainable tourism is carried out in the Koh Sak and Pattaya Bay area. Through our education programs, we wish to teach local tour guides the importance of coral reefs and ways in which they can carry out more sustainable practices. In addition to this, we hope to create educational media for tourists visiting the island to ensure that the activities they carry out in the area are well informed. We must drive a conversation-based industry. Beyond this Love Wildlife Foundation are looking to monitor, research and restore the coral reefs in the area through innovative design. Monitoring and researching the reefs are vital tools for effective management and can offer information to identify changes in the condition of the reef that might prompt a management response, determine the cause of concerning changes, and assess the effectiveness of management actions. We also hope to investigate scaling-up in-water, land-based, and larval propagation.

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The short-term impacts of our educational material and programs will ensure that tour guides partake in responsible activities within the Pattaya Bay area and educate their clients on the delicate ecosystems within the Bay area. This allows our tour guides who represent knowledgeable experts to address questions with accuracy that reflects the real state of biodiversity in the area. Students that range from children to adults are informed about the critical needs of coral reefs in the area and how they can play an important role in biodiversity and ecological balance. All students are inspired to learn more about aquatic life and may potentially become stewards of this vital ecosystem.

The Long-Term Impacts of the project will allow the coral reefs to rehabilitate without harmful impact from tourist activities, thus creating a stronger reef ecosystem and the wider benefits that accompany this. A healthy coral reef in the ecosystem can bring upon many economic and social returns to the community, including the following: Provide employment, income, and complementary businesses (restaurants and tourism agencies) that center the coral reef as a tourist attraction Create homes for diverse aquatic species, which can become food for villages living in the area, especially for smaller islands Construct a natural barrier that protects coastal cities, communities, and beaches from further harm, minimizing damages caused by natural disasters

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1 Nancy Lynne Gibson Founder 08-497-72747

Since early 2000, Nancy has engaged in various works with the animal care sector as a Veterinary Technician in the US, Wildlife Educator with the Wildlife Learning Center (California), and Volunteer Educator at Thailand’s Zoological Parks Organization. Besides the day to day activities of Love Wildlife Foundation, Nancy presently serves as the International Group Director at ACRES Lao P.D.R

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