‘Foom Fuk Fun Fest’ The Greatest Career counseling festival in Thailand!

On October 27-28, has caused some great and important event for high school students in Thailand, it is…

‘Foom Fuk Fun Fest 2018, the career counseling festival. Opportunity for Thai children to find themselves in the largest career counseling in Thailand!’

a-chieve, education social enterprise seeing the problems that hidden in high school children. That is they don’t know what they like or who they want to be. That brings in the question: How to make children quit asking their self that ‘why I need to study?’ or ‘what should I study?’, How to make they ask questions beyond from ‘what should I study?’ become ‘what goals from my will study?’

“Foom Fuk Fun Fest 2018” It happened for the children in middle school has come out to explore the world of career, understand the various aspects each career is more like never before, and the knowledge about the world of career and work. Moreover, they will start to take action to follow their dream destination and create their own path. This event includes career exhibitions, workshop, and face to face talk with professional. In this festival, there are children attended more than 2,500 people!

Cheewid x A-chieve

Cheewid was a part of the funding team of the “Foom Fuk Fun Fest 2018”.

The kind-hearted sponsors who make this festival happen: KBank, Khon Thai Foundation, Doi Kham, TCP Group, Doi Tung, All Inspire, NIA, Workpoint, School of Change Makers, Thammasat DBTM, Nakornthon Hospital, Octalysis Group, and TEDClub

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