The freelance social worker with a ticket to shelter on the northern Thai border

We would like to give a ticket for you to get to touch the Shelter on the Northern Thai border.

Here, there are social problems but many people do not reach these stories. Through analytical perspective “A little Golf, Pongsathorn Chankaew” freelance social workers who used to work in the border shelter in northern Thailand about literacy issues.

“I went to work in border shelter for 1 month. Children in the border area have problems with their status. They don’t have a nationality or waiting for proof of citizenship. We have a nationality that means, “The Thai state will protect us,” but these children have no state to protect him. It means that they don’t receive the welfare they should receive, including “education”. From this normal age, we should get to study follow the development. But this children group cannot follow this step because of abnormal events. For instance, the unrest in the country that makes them need to move to another place. It means that they lack the opportunity to learn and that is “a waste of opportunity”.

To do this, we need to pull these children back into the study system as soon as possible. At least let them can read it that means they will see the world through reading books. Another is writing, for people like us writing is a common thing. Who will know that it affects the mind? Usually, when we feel frustrated and no one to talk, we will write. But these people can not do it because they do not know “How to write” and that make them feel cramped and slowly tearing.

So, literacy is a some of the self-identity but they can’t pull it out because they were confined to limits that “they couldn’t read”.

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