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Peace Paragon

Human Services & Civil Rights
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Khon Kaen, thailand
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Peace Paragon is the area for sharing, learning, and developing for children.
SDG Goals
3Quality Education
9Reduced Inequality
15Peace and Justice Strong Institution
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Our Story

Cannot deny that Urban and rural disparity is quite large. The development of public space access to resources of a different make children in rural areas do not have access to resources on the children in the city, such as museums, learning many things and so many children who have been neglected in the local access opportunities for play, learning activities that promote children's development, from early childhood. The child was released to a lot of learning on media technologies such as mobile phones regularly. The negative impact on development The Peace Paragon is the initial concept. In order to promote the chances of children in rural areas. Make room in their activities. Learn what the different Knowledge and use of an environmentally sustainable society. Keerakin invited friends and siblings of adults. Saw a major development in young children. Let's make the park to be used as a learning center for children became "Peace Paragon”

The Peace Paragon is one of the ways in which the founder or teacher Konhin is determined to fix inequalities of children's social learning areas, rural areas, and public spaces are important to the learning of children from the primary level. In addition to building your children's learning and activity. Include building an auditorium, building smaller learning PEACE PARAGON Stone House in the pine forest is prepared for a volunteer's accommodation. Take care of the garden house for cooking, coffee, and drinks to those who do. The other buildings are coming to the area for the benefit and creating good things for children and others.

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Social Impact

Children participate in activities/projects of the Peace Paragon meeting at least 100 people per year.

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