Thailand ranked 2nd most bullying in the school of the world!

From the case of a special child bullied in the school. The Ministry of Public Health has released information that Thailand is ranked 2nd school bullying of the world, with 600,000 victims each year. This news makes many people aware of the solution, school welfare, and safety. Faculty of Social Work, Thammasat University has organized a forum on issues of bullying in schools and Cheewid is one of the exhibitors.

The proposals for such issues can be concluded:

The role of the school should be expanded to include more than just teaching and learning. There are other people who will support the learning, such as activists, counselors, social workers, psychologists. In addition, child welfare is very important and essential because the goal is not teaching. The goal is to allow students in the education system to live happily in school, develop their abilities and capabilities is full.” –Dr. Pinhathai Nunuan

Schools can not solve these problems by themselves. The outside system must support the work of the school too, whether it is the role of local agencies working in the field of children. It should design and develop protection mechanisms, promote and develop child welfare at the school and community level.

As a unit that sets national educational policies, Ministry of Education should be the central agency that provides recommendations, guidelines, models, and procedures for student welfare at all levels.

Finally, the role of the mass media. As public media, it can create awareness and understand this situation all perspective. The presentation shall take into account the non-infringement of the rights of any person or do not report the repeat action to the victim and their own human values.

Therefore, the important mechanism for solving this problem is the cooperation of multidisciplinary teams and related sectors, include each school’s policy. All this will be considered the highest benefit to children.

By Dr. Pinhathai Nunuan,  Teacher Patcha Jeungklinchan

Moderator by Teacher Kate Krungpibul

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