Trust & Safety
Cheewid's goal is to scale social impact and create a collaborative culture in the social sector. Our platform allows all organizations to showcase themselves with complete information transparency. We strongly advocate for open information and firmly believe in community building as the fundamental bedrock for a healthy trust economy. As such, our system and processes strive and pursue the finest international benchmark for safety.
We Support Transparency
Our platform supports transparency by building a sharing and open community for all distinctive stakeholders. We partner with ecosystem leaders, community associations, and private watchdog agencies to cross-check transparent activities.
Transparency and Communication
We also encourage everyone - Board members, staff (paid and volunteer) and others to report suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events (behaviors or practices) without retribution. You can choose to report the event anonymously. Cheewid’s team will conduct an internal investigation to pursue the source of truth and provide a closed resolution of the matter.
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For Impact Creators
For organizations and campaign creators, we encourage you to report all your activities in a timely and effective manner. We believe that every information openly shared will support your organization’s credibility and reputation as a champion of transparency.
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