Cheewid is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic team, ready to give more than 100% to support us and our ambitions. We're very fortunate and happy to work with them [Cheewid] throughout the past year!
Narin (Win) jitpraneechai
Co-Founder of a-chieve social enterprises

for fundraisers

Create, edit, share – We’ve got it all. Cheewid designed the sign up process to be more seamless and easier to use, so you can always share you project whenever you are ready. Create new opportunities with us, and we’ll lead you to where you want to be.

for campaign managers

Ready to thrive and grow. You can add and manage any campaign anytime from your device. Chat directly with your donors and interested parties, while observing the progress of your progress. You’ll need a user to configure all changes, or give us a chat if you encounter any difficulties!

for donors

Discover new up and coming works with us! Use our navigation tools (i.e. tax deductions, mission categories) to get to the organization you desire.

selected features


Our website runs in two versions and languages: English and Thai. Select the flags on the top-right corner of the page when you want a page translated.


Payment is being curated and localized to the Thai behavior. Payment is directed towards the impact organization and beneficiaries, not through us. Access your funds via your payment's dashboard.

Dashboard analytics

Cheewid's dashboard analytics helps you track your fundraising target as an entity and as a campaign. Browse through to see single transactions detailed out, or the big picture via our visual graph.

Submit and Edit

The projects will be done through form. There will be a set of questions that will guide you through. Simply click save and submit when your content is ready.

Contact and Gifts

Our forms allow you to get in direct contact with the impact organization. This centralizes communication channels for you, and helps us facilitate your concerns and discussions.

Community building

All users are allowed to comment on the campaign or the organization at anytime. Use this opportunity to build your community and engage with them directly.

Have questions?

Reach out. We're a team built for you and 100% always ready to help you grow your impact. Impact is always first. Reach out to us at hello@cheewid, 0879110905 or download our extensive guide below!