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Hello there fellow philanthropist!
Cheewid is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform that gives you the opportunity to support impact creators and campaigns from the earliest stage of their journey. You can provide the back-bone support to these organizations to get them started and keep them running smoothly.
Why Cheewid?
You’re encouraged to donate in any way or channel you want. However, if you donate through our site, we provide safety and assurance your donation reaches the impact creators. We help keep track of your donations, and process the tax deductions for your needs.
we're support organizations & campaigns in many ways

Support organizations & campaigns in many ways


Make a donation through credit card, promptpay, or bank transfer. Abundant financing is the lifeline of any organization.


Support by sending products or goods that the impact creator needs. Whether it’s a teddy bear to a children’s hospital or water sanitation to a school.


Devote your time, skill and energy to any impact creator in need. Discuss with our impact creators on the different ways you can help!


Embark on a journey with these impact creators to uncover new innovation and successes together. Take up the challenge to surpass your limits!

Steps to create your own campaign
Create campaign now with us and make a difference!



Gather ideas that can create social impact



Gather ideas that can create social impact



Gather ideas that can create social impact

Bring more impact together with us!

Every campaign here create a better place and culture that you wish to see.