Why we need the zoo? The cage reflects the image of detention?

‘เที่ยวเขาดินช่างสุขจริง เที่ยวดูลิงวิ่งไล่กัน ดูไปช่างน่าขบขัน บางตัวหางสั้นบางตัวหางยาว…’ (Going to Dusit zoo is so happy, see the monkeys chase each other. It’s very amusing, some have a short tail, another has a long tail.)

This is part of the Dusit zoo song, the name is “Teaw Khao Din”. This is left to the legend that we have to remember. Once it landed in the heart of the Bangkok. This is now closed down and wait for the new re-launch at Klong six, Pathumthani. As ‘Khao Din’ has served as a zoo that we have been studying for the past 80 years. ‘Cheewid’ wants to show you the importance of the zoo because it has many people still misunderstand about the zoo.

‘Why we need the zoo?’

Because…If there is no zoo, we will have to go to see from the outside. The zoo is the place to study the creature on this planet. What kind of feral behavior? we learn from here.

When we see the natural behavior of animals, we will have a learning process about taking care of the various animals, or understand the nature of each animal, open the world, respect and accept the natural life. Think about if we do not see the viper or crocodile at the zoo, where will we see? (If that answer is at home, you should run away now!)

‘The cage reflects the image of detention?’

Because of the subconscious mind, when we see the cage, it is tied to the idea that is the detention. Many people think that having a zoo is an animal torture but I don’t think so. Did you know, the animals have been kept in cages since they were born. Perhaps these animals may not yet be aware of the sense of being in nature and can be adjusted. The natural behavior is not always suffering as you think. Depending on the origin of the animal, the caregiver must improve the environment to be similar to the nature of the minimum requirements of the animal. There are a pond, cavity, timber for climb and scratch, cave for sleep, and feeding like natural for pull animal’s instinct both visualization, sniffing, and searching. This is about animal welfare, “we should how are animal behavior promotion both in and out animal habitat”. –Pattarapol, Veterinary (From Magazine by Dusit Zoo No.3)

See you next time! new Dusit zoo at klong six, Pathumthani and hope that all lovely animals will still be as cheerful as ever.

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