Our mission is to bridge Thailand’s leading social issues to champions of change
How Cheewid helps social impact
Make donations simple for all
Make donations simple for all
Foster sustainable impact creation through technology
Foster sustainable impact creation through technology
Introduce radical transparency in a complex, untapped industry
Introduce radical transparency in a complex, untapped industry
Share stories that are worth sharing
Share stories that are worth sharing
Represent the 100,000+ social impact creators that are changing the world
Represent the 100,000+ social impact creators that are changing the world
Our Mission
Drive giving and engagement of information
Vital to our core value is the facilitation of information and the consumption of data to make informed decisions. We strive to make the information easy to understand for our donors, visitors, and organization partnerships through curation of information. This may also drive communication efficiency between our partners.
Empower organizations with tools and capital
Equip our partners with available tools; from budget financing to strategic visioning templates, in addition to establishing milestones of capital funding.
Empower organizations to track and improve performance
Cheewid provides tools and visual dashboards that give useful insights in market estimate comprehension to participating donors. We also conduct cross-comparisons of sector development to establish benchmarks on performance and direction.
Extend the number of organizations in new unexplored industries
Cheewid hopes to move beyond its initial sectors of donation, and seeks to expand to new industries and new organizations in the future. This will allow greater coverage among the social development community.
Expand documentation and requirement needs of an organization
As an information aggregator, Cheewid provides a wide range of indicators and data points for our users. The information is maintained, structured, and organized in a way that is easy to digest. In order to collate this wealth in information, Cheewid relies on organizations to provide information that will navigate the experience.

Our Founders Message

from Founders Team

“We seek to become a vehicle for change: connect, advocate, and act for Thailand's brighter future”

who we are
Our Team
Cheewid was started by three friends with a passion for technology and social innovation. We believe that there is a better way to solve social issues by empowering the right impact creators with the right tools. Our aligned obsession for enterprise services in social impact brought us together, along with our drive to reinvent what’s possible in life.
Our History
In 2016, Kris was part of the Accenture consulting team that formalized the digital government plan. Recognizing that a large percentage of social investment is inefficiently allocated while fraudulent nation-wide scandals constantly emerge, Kris concluded that something had to be done.

Cheewid is therefore created on the concept of transparency in financial transactions and empowerment through information. These two fundamental pillars of Cheewid will produce breakthrough and innovative disruption that has yet to arrive in the social development sector.

Trust & Safety
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who we are
It is refreshing to see a group of hardworking and determined young individuals whose mission is to inspire others to engage in social causes…
Mayvadee Chavacharoen

Resources Development Manager

Operation Smile Thailand

Cheewid is like a partner. It’s not just a one-time chat, but a sequence of updates and networking. Cheewid has also connected us to new opportunities.
Niruch Vanichwatanarumluk



Cheewid is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic team, ready to give more than 100% to support us and our ambitions.
Narin Jitpraneechai



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