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Cheewid gathers a range of social aid projects and provides transparent, easily accessible technology-verified donation information to ensure that every donation genuinely benefits society.

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We want every donation to go to projects that are truly dedicated and intentional in bringing about genuine societal change. Through the support where everyone becomes a part of this transformative effort for society. And to promote trustworthy, transparent donations that can be verified.
Group of social organizations that collaborate with us
Organizations that fundraise on our platform are intent on creating social change through the initiation of various projects, targeting a variety of issues.
Organization for Community Development

Organization for Community Development

The main objective is to promote and support community-level development in economic, social, health, and educational aspects. The organization collaborates with stakeholders in the community, including the government, the private sector, and local administrative organizations, to pool resources and support effective and sustainable community development projects.
Organization for Education

Organization for Education

Focused on promoting and developing educational potential for all ages or specific target groups. The organization is committed to solving educational problems, which include the accessibility of education for the disadvantaged, the quality of teaching and learning, or working in collaboration with communities and other units to promote equitable and just education.
Organization for Crisis and Stability

Organization for Crisis and Stability

Dedicated to managing and responding to various crises, both natural and man-made, such as floods, earthquakes, wars, or epidemics. The organization plays a role in prevention, management, and post-crisis rehabilitation, aiming for the long-term stability of the community and society.