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We have gathered social organizations for everyone.
Ready for everyone to support and search for organizations of interest.
Cheewid collects organizations that drive and create social change for everyone who wants to support through donations and participate in projects with these organizations.

Challenges of social organizations

in Thailand

Social organizations in Thailand face challenges in addressing complex social issues while inventing social innovations to remedy and build a sustainable society. At the same time, they have to handle efficient internal organizational management, such as human and financial resource planning, building partnerships with relevant stakeholders, and introducing innovations and technologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of Thai society. Everyone can search for organizations they want to support on the profile page of the interested organization.
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A better society

we can create

We are part of a society that is rapidly changing every day, but everyone can be a part of building a better society. Through financial support, sharing belongings, volunteering, paying it forward, or sharing stories of positive social impact so those around us are aware. We hope that these social projects will genuinely bring about change in society and promote the growth of social organizations and change-makers to continuously drive positive change in Thai society.