Simple pricing for everyone
Support impact creator for free without any additional fees & start a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing campaign for free.
Improve your crowdfunding journey
For social impact-driven organizations and campaign creators: As a free user, anyone can sign up, log in, create an organization, and create fundraising projects. You can also accept donations and recruit volunteers for free without any charge. However if you want additional insights reporting, and access to premium features, the users will have to pay THB 300 per month.
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For Donor
You can sign up, log in, and create your profile free of charge. There are three ways to donate money to social impact projects, including bank account transfer, QR Code, and credit/debit card processing. Bank account transfer and QR Code will not be charged GP or Commission Fee. But if you donate via credit or debit card, a 10% administrative fee will be deducted as Cheewid will have to facilitate payment and manage payment gateway charges.
For Volunteer
You will not be charged any fees. However if the organization is implementing a volunteer fee (e.g. deposit or entry fee), please coordinate directly with the organization