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นนทบุรี, Thailand
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A social enterprise that assists youths throughout the country design both life and career goals with confidence, the right path of growth, and aligned lifelong values.
SDG Goals
3Good Health and Well-being
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Our Story

a-chieve was founded in 2011 by 3 companions (Win, Tai, and Earth) with the same purpose as solving social problems. After studying various social problems, they found that education problems are one of the major problems in every age of Thai society. Thai children don't understand themselves and what they want to do. This problem affects other problems such as career market concentration, unemployment problems, the meltdown in some professions. Their work intends to help students and youths discover their life ambitions and goals.

a-chieve believes that the career path of each person is a lifelong learning experience. Therefore, they support the search process for self-understanding, promote professional information, and gathering work experience at an early age. The team provides career path consultation to help youths know themselves thoroughly and lead to a happy and valuable career. The enterprise now cares for more than 14,000 students since it started 8 years ago.

To create an environment that is conducive to self-discovery and career planning, a-chieve has organized the following projects:

  • Fukfunfest: Career and life counseling festival in Thailand that connects youths who strive to understand the meaning of life to those who have discovered their life’s purpose through work
  • Open World: Career guidance seminars in each profession that will provide opportunities for children interested received information real work experience and asking questions directly.
  • a-chieve shadow: 2 weeks internship program to help children have real experience with an interesting career.
  • Talk Chid: Small talk groups where students can interview each profession and ask for information closely and friendly.
  • For students who can't join activities, a-chieve prepares career information, real work experience, and talking to the various profession via online channels to expand access to information to Thai students all over the country.

Social Impact


  • There are students, parents, teachers, and the public who attended about 14,116 people.
  • Over 100 professional organizations join a career counseling network.

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