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Hmong Cyber Social Enterprise

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กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand
We are social platform thats integrating vocational skills such as Coding ,Media & Video Production, Food technology and Arts to Hmong community. We believe that these education is KEY to the future.
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Our stories began 3 years ago in 2019 , sick & depressed of city life we traveled to Ban NamJuang Village ( Hmong village ) in Pitsanulok province to teach as a volunteer teacher. We just wanted to give back to society the only way we know how and that is to pass on what we learned in life, both in terms of mind set & skill set.

While we were there we saw potential in our student and what was missing in their education. Hmong Cyber was formed.

We teach what we considered to be essential skills in this day and age such as coding , video & media production , food technology & Arts. We believe that with these education our student & this community will be able to create more income & jobs without having to leave home.

We believe that with the right mind set & skill set they can create their own realities. Hmong Cyber would like to be apart of change big or small no matter.

Support us and be a part of change .


3 years on we have more than 100 students who participate in our program, more than 300 hrs teaching, and created more than 500,000 baht to the community. We have more than 10 students who can work and is working with us. Our students discover what they would like to do and is accepted into universities.

Theres more to come !!!!